UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope

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4.4/5 on February 8, 2017

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55 reviews

The UTG 4×32 1 Inch Crossbow Scope with Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle and QD Rings is a durable and accurate scope on the lower end of the price range that gives some of the more expensive models a run for their money. The Pro 5-Step range finding reticle and the True Strength Platform were some of the features I was most eager to try out with this scope.

Key Features

Pro 5-Step Reticle

The Pro 5-Step Reticle is specifically designed for estimating range on 300fps crossbows with the integrated rangefinder lens. Helps you make more accurate shots at distances of 50 yards.

True Strength Platform

The robust True Strength Platform makes this a crossbow scope that is built to last. This platform means that the UTG scope is rainproof, fog proof and shock proof, so you can take this scope out with you regardless of the weather.

Red and Green Illumination

The reticle can be illuminated in either red of green to make it easier to shoot in low light conditions and is easily adjusted with the SWAT (Side Wheel Adjustable Turret) dial on the side of the scope.

Tact Edge Integral Sun Shade

The Tact Edge integral angled sun shade all but eliminates glare on this scope, enhancing your view and making it easy to see in bright sunlight.

Broadband Lens Coating

The precision broadband lens coating gives excellent light transmission to this scope, making sure you always have enough light to make your shot.

First Impressions

I was pretty eager to try this scope out, as I had heard some great things about it. Generally, I haven’t had much look with cheaper scopes, which have been badly made or faulty, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on the UTG 4×32 Crossbow Scope. It feels robust and solid and has a nice black matte finish that didn’t look cheap as on many other models at this price. I liked how it came with it’s own rings and found it mounted really easily on my Barnett crossbow. It took a bit of time to sight in but that’s to be expected. Overall, mounting and sighting took about an hour. As soon as I tried out the reticle, I knew I would really enjoy this scope. It zeroed in perfectly at 10 yards and held true at 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 yards. I was really impressed with how dead on they were. The glass is crystal clear on the lens and on the first day I took it out with me, the sun shade worked great to prevent glare. I was really impressed by the high quality in this scope for such a low price.

Would I Recommend This Scope?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this UTG scope. After having this scope for awhile now, my original first impressions hold true. Once its sighted in correctly, it never loses zero even after repeated use and I’ve made good use of this scope. I’ve taken it out a lot and really do love the Pro 5-Step Reticle feature. The graduations were spot on and with the illumination, its very easy to see even until the last trace of sunlight has gone down. I like how easy it is to adjust the illumination to red or green and to adjust the lightness. The dials work well and are easy to use. The same can be said of the windage and elevation turrets, which also work great. The first time the weather took a turn for the worse when I was out with the scope, I was a bit nervous because despite what many scopes claim, I found that rain and wind can still cause damage. However, this really is a robust little scope and the rainproof feature works perfectly. I’ve taken it out once since then in a heavy downpour and I haven’t had an issue. I’m really impressed with this scope and would definitely recommend it.


This scope really is very durable and well built. The True Strength Platform isn’t just a marketing ploy but indeed makes this scope rainproof, fog proof and shock proof. It works perfectly in heavy rain and fog, with the lens staying clear and not clouding up. Similarly the sun shade prevents annoying glare really well.

The reticle is very impressive and something you could easily find on a more expensive scope. The 5-step integrated range finder zeroes in at 10 yards perfectly and hold true at 20-60 yards. The red and green illumination is nice and makes it easy to shoot in low light, especially when combined with the broadband coating on the lens that enable lots of light transmission.

Everything about this scope is very easy to use. It is easy to mount and the provided rings are better than many others I’ve tried and it sights in quickly. The ergonomic illumination SWAT dial is also a breeze to adjust, as is the zero-lockable and zero-resettable windage and elevation turrets. Overall, it’s a very easy-to-use scope.


If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use illumination, the reticle will be black, which can be difficult to see through, depending on the light. So, it’s best to use illumination.

As good as it is, the reticle could be improved if, instead of the straight horizontal lines, it had them coming down in a pyramid formation. It would make for slightly better viewing.

While I loved the QD rings, depending on your bow, you could encounter problems if your rail doesn’t match up right with the size of the rings, which would make mounting difficult.

Final Verdict

This is a real quality scope that surpasses my expectations. For a scope at this price point, the UTG crossbow scope delivers an excellent reticle, illumination, a robust weather-proof platform, crystal clear glass, good light transmission and wind and elevation turrets, all in an attractive and easy to use package. I would absolutely repurchase and plan to keep an eye out on other UTG products in the future. Durable and accurate, this UTG scope is one you’ll enjoy using and will deliver great results for a long time.