Daisy Youth Crossbow

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4.4/5 on April 4, 2017

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If you’re looking to train your child on how to use a crossbow before the season starts this year, the Daisy Youth Crossbow is your ticket. Lightweight, comfortable and safe with adult supervision, this bow will have them excited to head out into the woods with you.

Top Features of the Daisy Youth Crossbow

Safety First

Before I get started talking about any other aspect of the Daisy Youth Crossbow, I want to mention a nice feature that the manufacturers of this bow have considered. The bolts on this youth crossbow both have rounded tips. This does not affect the flight or accuracy of the bolt at all, nor does it stop them from piercing through a (small) target. That said, it does stop my kids from accidentally puncturing their own skin while practicing or scratching something up as they walk around with it, still trying to get a hang of the size of the Daisy Youth Crossbow. This helps me to feel safer about them carrying it around.

Light but Comfortable Weight

The Daisy Youth Crossbow is super easy for my children to use. Alongside of the great inclusion of those rounded bolts, it does not weight a lot, either. It weighs only 4.4 pounds, giving it the right weighted feel that my kids need to get used to when it comes time for them to graduate to a standard sized crossbow with it being too heavy for them to hold and fire properly in the meantime.

Perfect for Training Little Ones

Not only is the actual weight of the Daisy Youth Crossbow perfect and balanced, this crossbow does not take very much weight at all in order to draw it back. With this crossbow, I don’t have to worry about needing to step in to draw back the string for my kids like I do with so many other crossbows I have tried. The draw weight is only 29 pounds, so it’s simple for them to do it on their own, helping them to better learn their way around and making me feel comfortable that they will be able to handle a bigger bow when the time comes.

Adjustable Sight

There is a rear sight on the Daisy Youth Crossbow that is totally adjustable so that my kids can learn how to properly aim given whatever conditions they may find themselves in. The rear sight can be adjusted left or right for windage and up or down with the elevation setting.

Extra Bolt Inclusion

The Daisy Youth Crossbow also comes with two bolts instead of just one. This allows my kids to make their shot, take a little instruction from me about how their shot could have been improved, and then lets them retake the shot right away instead of having to run over and collect the bolt, causing them to lose their stance and perhaps even forget what I have told them. The bolts on the Daisy Youth Crossbow are made from durable aluminum and measure 16 inches long.

First Impression of the Daisy Youth Crossbow:

Upon taking it out of the package, I immediately noticed how durable it felt, even if it was lightweight. I liked the sleek black and red construction, and so did my kids. The bolts felt nice and sturdy with their rounded tips and I was excited to take the kids out into the yard to have them try it.

Pros of the Daisy Youth Crossbow:

  • 2 aluminum bolts included measuring 16 inches in length
  • Draw weight of 29 pounds
  • Easy to pull string
  • Lightweight
  • Rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage
  • Rounded bolt tips for safety

Downsides of the Daisy Youth Crossbow:


The Daisy Youth Crossbow does not come in a camouflage pattern, but that’s okay considering this crossbow is better for at-home instruction anyway.

Final Verdict

I believe that the Daisy Youth Crossbow is a nicely built, high quality crossbow for kids. Simple to draw, light but weighted and easy to hold, this bow is an excellent choice for beginners, especially considering its safety features.


I would certainly recommend the Daisy Youth Crossbow to anyone who wants to give their kids a head start when it comes to bow hunting. This bow doesn’t cut corners in order to suit children, rather it sizes down a standard bow and makes it easier to use and safer to hold, making it a perfect choice for anyone.