Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow

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4/5 on March 4, 2017

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The Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow was one I initially overlooked, until some positive news floated my way about this lightweight and sturdy crossbow. As I’m always eager to get my hands on new recurve crossbows to try out, as soon as I received it, I took it straight for a test drive.

Key Features

150lbs Draw Weight

With 150lbs of draw weight, this is a recurve crossbow that can be cocked without the need for a separate cocking device. While recurve crossbows are always more difficult to draw than their compound counterparts, the Chace Wind is accessible to practically everyone.

245fps Speed

That draw weight enables your bolts to shoot at a speed of 245 feet per second, fast enough for target practice and even for hunting small to medium-sized game.

5.5lbs Crossbow Weight

Weighing a mere 5.5lbs, this crossbow is very lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around with you for hours without causing strain. Even for beginners, this is light enough to carry easily.

Durable Build

This crossbow is engineered out of durable composite stock and rail to ensure that it will last. Sturdy and durable, despite being so light, this crossbow can take constant firing without showing damage.

Soft Feel Coating

Also built for your own comfort, the stock is coated with a soft feel gel coating that protects your hands from wear and tear from constant use and makes it more comfortable to hold.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow is that it looks great. A lot of less expensive crossbows are cheaply made but I was struck by the quality look and feel of this crossbow. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was handling a much more expensive product. The Chace Wind comes in either a black or camouflage finish, so you can choose your design based on your own needs and preference. I chose the camouflage option to help me blend in out in the field and was really impressed by the finish. Assembly was easy even without clear instructions. There were pictures provided to help you assemble it if you need it but I found it pretty obvious to put together. All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes to completely assemble it and even less time to sight it in. Just a few minor adjustments and I was able to shoot my targets dead on. The crossbow feels very smooth to shoot and I was able to draw it easily without needing a cocking aid. I shot over 50 bolts with this crossbow and there was no wear to the string. I was definitely impressed.

Would I Recommend This Crossbow?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend the Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow. At first, I assumed that this would simply work as a nice beginner or youth crossbow but after using it a while, I feel like even seasoned archers and hunters would enjoy this model. Despite the low price, it has quality of a much more expensive model and feels smooth and easy to shoot. Those experienced with shooting recurve crossbows should have no trouble drawing this bow without a cocking device, but if you’re new to shooting with one or don’t have great arm and back strength, you may need to purchase a separate cocking device. The aluminum bolts are well made and shoot nicely and the scope zeroes in well with little adjustment needed. Overall, I’m really impressed with this Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow.


  • This crossbow has the feel, look and build of a crossbow much more expensively made, despite the low price tag. Comparable to the Excalibur recurve crossbows, this is sturdily built with quality parts and shoots cleanly and accurately without causing wear to the string.
  • At only 5.5lbs, this crossbow is very light, so it’s very easy to sling it over your shoulder and carry it around for hours at a time. This also makes it a great recurve crossbow for beginners or youths who may not have the strength to handle a heavier crossbow yet.
  • The Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow is very well balanced to hold and the soft touch gel coating makes it easier to shoot for hours without hurting your hands. This makes it a very comfortable recurve crossbow to use and is another reason why it is well suited for beginners.


  • The instructions provided weren’t very clear. It seems they weren’t translated clearly from Chinese to English, so if you were reliant on written instructions, it could be challenging. However, assembly is fairly obvious even without them, so you shouldn’t need them and there are illustrated instructions that can help if you’re stuck.
  • Recurve crossbows are always much more difficult to draw than compound crossbows, so you often need a cocking device to help cock it properly. This doesn’t come with it’s own crocking aid unfortunately, so you’d need to purchase one separately. However, with a draw weight of 150lbs, this is in the lower end for recurve crossbows, so you can still manage it without a cocking device.
  • With a speed of 245fps, this crossbow wouldn’t be suitable for more “serious” hunting of larger animals. However, it still works perfectly for smaller game such as deer or elk.

Final Verdict

I really enjoy using the Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow. It’s lightweight enough to carry around all day without a problem and the soft feel coating give your hands a little extra attention. After just a little adjustment, this crossbow shoots very accurately, completely dead on with each shot and even after a long day of target practice, the string shows no wear. You don’t need to save it only for target practice either. This crossbow is more than capable of hunting small game perfectly. A great option for beginners or those who aren’t used to recurve crossbows, the Chace Wind is also a recurve crossbow that seasoned archers and hunters are sure to enjoy.