The Top 5 Best Crossbows: A Buying Guide

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Crossbows are a way to enjoy hunting without having to use a loud gun that might scare off far more than your target. These types of weapons are virtually silent and depend not on gunpowder but on the weight of your draw to fire off at speeds sometimes as high as 370 feet per second. This means that the weight of your draw will often be somewhere between 80 and 200 pounds. If this is too heavy, crossbows usually come with some sort of cocking aid that helps reduce the weight to provide a more powerful shot. Comfortable and efficient, these bows are a great hunting alternative, and I have taken it upon myself to review a few of what I consider to be the best crossbows out there today.

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 CenterPoint Sniper 370SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543
 CenterPoint Sniper 370SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543
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Product Dimensions24 x 12 x 10 inches33 x 11 x 4 inches
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Benefits of Buying a Crossbow

Less chance of misfiring.

With a gun, there are safety triggers, but with a crossbow, there are safety triggers and more. Many crossbows feature not only the safety trigger that prevents misfiring, but they have an anti-dry fire mechanism as well that stops the bow from attempting to fire without a bolt loaded onto them.

No draw time.

When hunting, you don’t have to worry about lifting up a huge bow and arrow to draw while there is a deer with his eye on your movements. Simply tilt up the crossbow and fire away, making it easier and more effective to hunt on the ground opposed to hunting on a tree stand.

 Little practice needed.

Outside of learning the basics about how a compound bow should be held, drawn and fired, there is relatively little need to practice. Most people should be ready to hunt once they get used to the weight and have taken a few supervised shots.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Crossbow


You’ll want to choose something that goes as fast as possible for a number of obvious reasons, so consider the type of compound bow you are buying. Compound bows that possess a high tension or high compression limb are going to be the best, as these store plenty of energy for firing off the shot. The bolts are also an important in determining your speed, so make sure you’re getting the right size that aligns with the bow.

Noise levels.

When hunting, you want to be as silent as you possibly can for the sake of not scaring off the animals. Getting a compound bow that comes with parallel limbs will often mean more quiet shots. Things such as Cam mechanisms will make a bow noisier. You want to consider whether or not you want a quiet bow or a swift one in this regard.


The right weight can make or break your hunting experience with a crossbow. Those unaware of the incredible selection of crossbow options on the market may think starting with the lightest bow is best, but light bows tend to not be able to stay steady, meaning you’re going to need a bit of weight. Find the right balance with a heavier crossbow that won’t tire you out and weight you down but that will still provide the necessary weight you need for an accurate shot.

Tips on How to Buy the Best Crossbow for Your Needs

Choose a crossbow that has a built-in cocking aid such as a rope or crank. This will help reduce the weight of the draw if you are of a smaller stature.
Think about getting a crossbow that boasts a red dot scope.This will help improve your overall accuracy and make you a more efficient shot.
Read reviews online such as the ones I’ve written below to see how the compound crossbow you are interested in performs in action.

Center Point Sniper 370


Top Features of the CenterPoint Sniper 370

Safety and Misfire Prevention

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is wonderful in the way that it features two unique mechanisms: anti-dry fire and an auto-safety trigger. The anti-dry fire stops me from accidentally shooting at something if nothing is loaded up to fire, while the auto-safety trigger prevents any misfiring and possibly harming someone by the bow going off when I’m not careful. The integrated string suppressors are also worth mentioning as they stop any unwanted vibration and make my shots near silent.

The Perfect Size

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is exceptionally lightweight and simple to tote around with me while also making it effortless to get it into position. There is a shoot-through riser that features a slim width of 21.5 inches whenever it is relaxed, and when it is cocked, it only measures a mere 18 inches in width. The CenterPoint Sniper 370 also features a draw weight of 185 pounds which is comfortable and comparable to many other compound crossbows out there today.

Better Accuracy

With the CenterPoint Sniper 370, I am taking more accurate shots than ever before. It features a CNC-machined cam system that not only allows my bows to fly at an impressive 370 FPS, hence its name, but I have an adjustable butt for finding the perfect position to hold it in to improve my aim. The comfortable fore-grips help improve my accuracy as well, and all of these features combine to make me a true and efficient sharpshooter.

Black and Camouflage Design

One thing that I love about the CenterPoint Sniper 370 is that it features a handsome camouflage coloring on the fore grips and the limbs that make the bow stylish without it standing out too much while in the woods. The rest of the crossbow comes in a stylish black color that allows me to feel confident that my bow will not be seen. It also just makes it look really great in general and makes it one of my favorite crossbows for that reason.

An Array of Accessories

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 includes everything that I could need to get the most out of my hunting experience, including three 20 inch, sturdy carbon bolts that come with their own easy to access quiver. Also included is a rope cocking device that helps me cock my bow simply and quickly while also removing 50 percent of the weight on the draw. It also features a comfortable shoulder sling that makes the CenterPoint Sniper 370 a breeze to carry around.

Pros of the CenterPoint Sniper 370:

  • 185 pound draw weight
  • 3, 20-inch carbon bolts
  • Adjustable butt
  • Anti-dry fire and auto-safety mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Quadruple limbs
  • Rope cocking device
  • Shoulder sling included
  • Stylish camouflage and black exterior

Downsides of the CenterPoint Sniper 370:


A few reviewers online stated that assembling the CenterPoint Sniper 370 was a bit tricky, but I think if you just follow the included directions closely, this won’t be an issue for you. It sure wasn’t one for me!

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package


Top Features of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Ultra Fast Speeds

One great thing about the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package is the fact that it shoots at impeccably fast speeds. This crossbow uses a number of different features and a 150-pound draw weight that allows for my bolts to fly at ridiculously fast speeds. Able to fly at an impressive 315 feet per second, this helps to ensure greater accuracy than ever before, making it so that I never miss a shot, and if I do, it was never because I wasn’t fast enough.

Top Quality Bolts

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package also comes with 3 high quality bolts that have not let me down yet. They are long and durable, measuring a nice 20 inches in length. On the front of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package there is storage for the bolts that makes accessing them quick and simple, and replacing them into the slots after use is a process that is just as simple. I never lose track of my supplies with the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package.

A Variety of Accessories

Not only is the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package great for comfort and style, it comes with a few features that make it more than worth my while. One of these features has to do with the quiver I just mentioned. It has a quick detach function that makes popping the bolts in and out of it a breeze. The other is its premium red dot sight that helps ensure the shot I am taking is accurate every single time in a way that most other compound crossbows simply cannot do.

Striking Design

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package looks as great as it functions! It is made to resemble the military style stocks that they use, giving it a rugged and tough look. The high-energy wheels and synthetic cable system also look excellent, and with its camo design along most of the unit, I know I will not be seen while out hunting. It measures 35.5 inches by 26.5 inches and weighs 7.7 pounds, making this perhaps the best crossbow in terms of stealth.

Pros of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package:

  • 150 pound draw weight
  • 3, 20-inch bolts
  • 315 feet per second speed
  • 7.7 pounds
  • Camo and black design
  • Highly accurate
  • Military style butt
  • Quiver included
  • Red dot sights

Downsides of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package:


I see often that reviewers online have issues setting up their gear. There were a few reviews that said as much about the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package, but as I mentioned, this seems to be a universal problem with many compound crossbows and should not deter you from purchasing it. Just make sure you follow the instructions as best you can as I did and you should not experience any sort of issues setting it up.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543


Top Features of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

High-Compression Limbs

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 features a unique limb set that is ultra high quality and might make this the best crossbow in terms of limbs for me. This bow’s limb is made from high-compression fiberglass that is able to store plenty of tension and energy inside of it with which I can achieve unmatched bolt speeds. It provides the perfect amount of stiffness and give that I look for in my quest to find the best crossbows.

Cocking Strap

I love that the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 comes complete with its own cocking strap that I don’t have to buy separately. The reason I love these so much is that cocking straps remove a lot of the weight that comes with crossbow drawing, and the 175-pound draw weight that the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 entails is reduced by almost half, making this simple to use strap the perfect way to ensure a comfortable hunting experience.

A Nice Size

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 measures only 31 inches in length, making it comfortable to position against my body and to hold as well. It’s width measures 27 inches from each tip of the limbs which give me great tension due to the size as well. It only weighs 4.85 pounds so that setting it up to fire takes no time at all, and the string length measures 26.5 inches. Overall, this unit is excellently sized.

Handsome Exterior

I am in love with the style of this compound crossbow. The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 comes with a dipped wooden style camouflage pattern that covers the entire body of the unit, allowing it to be ultra stealthy. The only aspect of this unit that does not have camouflage is the scope, but even then, it is covered in black which is just as discreet as camo when used in the right amounts as it is in this model.

Efficient and Comfortable

The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543 comes with a padded shoulder strap that takes a lot of the strain off of my shoulders when toting it around in the woods. It never presses into my shoulder which is impressive considering the aches and pains other crossbows have given me. There is also a quick detach quiver that helps the four durable bolts included slide in and out of the quiver with ease.

Pros of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543:

  • Camo and black pattern
  • Cocking strap included
  • High-compression fiberglass limb
  • Shoulder strap
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds

Downsides of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543:


Some online reviewers stated that this bow took a long time to assemble, but it took me no time personally. I don’t think this will be an problem for any of you if you just follow the instruction manual and look at videos online.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package


Top Features of the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

Convenient Features

The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package features a really great red dot sight that allows me to find my target with ease, much more swiftly than I can using a standard scope. It also features that rope cocking attachment that I love so much that reduces the overall draw weight almost by half. I can even integrate a crank cocking device if I want to, and taking advantage of the finger reminders on the fore grip really helps to keep me in the right position which in turn boosts my accuracy.

Made for Everyone

A great thing about the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package is the fact that it is built for anyone to use, small and large statures alike. Because of its size and weight, even the smallest of adult hunters can take advantage of all of the ease and efficiency that this compound crossbow affords. The draw weight is only 130 pounds as well, a nice step down from the usual 175-180 which aids in making this the best crossbow for anyone who loves to hunt.

Included Quiver

The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package comes with three different bolts that are made exceptionally well. I have always retrieved my bolts from this crossbow in the same great condition in which I fired them. There are a total of three bolts, each of which is sturdy and durable. They all measure a nice size of 20 inches, too.

Easy to Adjust

The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package features a fully adjustable butt stock that makes it simple for me, as well as anyone out there who is a bit smaller, to finally find the right size crossbow. The length can be adjusted to find the perfect comfort level for being able to tuck it snugly against my body while still having plenty of reach to hang onto the fore-grips in order to fire my shot with accuracy and comfort.

Pros of the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package:

  • 130 pounds of draw weight
  • Adjustable butt stock
  • All black composition
  • Comes with 3, 20-inch bolts
  • Finger reminders on the fore grip
  • Option to add in a crank cocking device
  • Perfect for smaller hunters
  • Red dot sight
  • Rope cocking device

Downsides of the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package:


One of the more expensive options on my review list, the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package is worth every single penny in my opinion. It is hard to find a crossbow that can easily fit any sort of body type like this crossbow can do. Not to mention it has that really low draw rate compared to other crossbows and a rope cocking device that shaves off even more weight. This bow is a great all-around and accurate unit suitable for anyone. It can even be shared, so don’t let the price throw you off of the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package.

Barnett Raptor FX2


Top Features of the Barnett Raptor FX2

Beautiful Finish

One of the most attractive crossbows I have ever seen, the Barnett Raptor FX2 features an ultra high-definition camouflage finish that definitely makes it stand out among other compound crossbows but will not make it stand out in the woods while hunting. The camo covers all sides of the Barnett Raptor FX2 except the tops of it, but those are shrouded in black so it is just as discreet as the rest of the crossbow is.

Unique Features

The Barnett Raptor FX2 is as powerful as it is beautiful. This crossbow features a bright red dot sight that helps me to hone in on my target with greater ease and swiftness than I would achieve using any other style of scope. It comes with a cross wire string and cable system that runs nice and tight, along with a rope cocking device that takes away some of the draw weight of the Barnett Raptor FX2. Alongside this, the compound crossbow comes with a three-bolt quiver and three 22-inch headhunter bolts to go with it. A super comfortable Talon crossbow sling completes the package.

Strong Limbs

The CNC-machined 7/8 inch limbs on the Barnett Raptor FX2 are made from a custom composite and have been laminated. This makes them ultra sturdy and strong and helps provide the perfect amount of tension needed to send my bolts flying at top speeds up to 330 feet per second.

Great Draw Weight and Fore Grip

The Barnett Raptor FX2 features a 150-pound draw weight that is a nice compromise between smaller and larger bows. With the aforementioned rope cocking attachment, though, this lowers considerably. It also features comfortable pass-through fore-grips that help align the bow to my specific style of shooting to ensure accuracy.

Comfortable Dimensions

FInally, the Barnett Raptor FX2 weighs a mere 6.5 pounds, making it simple to move it around when I need to get it into position to fire or simply am carrying it through the woods. It measures 35.25 inches by 18 inches, and with its lightweight composite, adjustable butt stock, I am never uncomfortable while carrying or using the Barnett Raptor FX2.

Pros of the Barnett Raptor FX2:

  • 150 pound draw weight
  • 3, 22-inch headhunter bolts
  • 7/8 inch thick limbs
  • Adjustable butt stock
  • Cross wire string and cable network
  • High definition camo finish
  • Red dot sight
  • Rope cocking attachment
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds

Downsides of the Barnett Raptor FX2:


The Barnett Raptor FX2 is definitely the most expensive compound crossbow on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the higher price point. The Barnett Raptor FX2 is one of the best made, beautiful compound bows out there, and you will be able to tell that just from opening the package and taking it into your hands. It has a number of features and accessories to go along with it, making this a crossbow you seriously can’t afford to miss out on.

Final Verdict

I chose the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package as the winner of this package mainly because not only is it a well built, full sized crossbow, it can be used by nearly anyone, no matter how big or how small. It is adjustable and accurate with 130 pounds of draw weight that can easily be reduced thanks to its included rope cocking device. I recommend this crossbow for anyone on the smaller side of body types who has always wanted to use a compound bow to hunt.

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