Barnett’s Recruit Recurve Crossbow

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4.3/5 on March 4, 2017

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Barnett’s Recruit Recurve crossbow is a lightweight and compact addition to this company’s lineup of crossbows. As a long-time fan of Barnett’s products, I was pretty eager to give this Recruit Recurve crossbow a shot to see how it would work for me.

Key Features Of Barnett Recruit Recurve

150lbs Draw Weight

With a draw weight of 150lbs, the Recruit Recurve presents the usual challenge that you would expect from a recurve crossbow but is still accessible without the need for a cocking device.

245fps Speed

Your bolts will fire at an impressive 245 feet per second, perfect for taking down small to medium-sized game in one clean shot.

4.9lbs Crossbow Weight

At just 4.9lbs, this is an incredibly lightweight crossbow. Light enough for anyone to be able to easily carry it around for hours without causing any physical strain.

Anti-Dry Fire Trigger

Equipped with an anti-dry fire trigger, this crossbow prevents accidentally firing without a bolt cocked, which can cause damage to your crossbow.

Adjustable Butt Pad

Featuring an adjustable butt pad, the stock can be extended to suit people of various heights and sizes, to ensure adequate comfort no matter who is using this crossbow.

First Impressions

Even though I knew it was a compact crossbow, I was still a bit surprised when I saw how small it was. It’s incredibly light and easy to carry. I wondered if I wasn’t too tall for it, but after adjusting the stock just a little, it was perfect. The crossbow looks great, with a black matte finish that doesn’t look cheap or bad quality. I always love the easy assembly of recurve crossbows. The simplicity is one of their best features and this was no different. The limb came pre-strung and assembling everything else took less than 10 minutes. It took a little work to sight in the scope but once I was good to go, I went straight out to test this out in some target practice. The draw weight is 150lbs but it honestly doesn’t feel like that. I didn’t have any problems cocking it without an aid but if you’re unused to recurve crossbows you may need the additional help. The bolts that come with it are aluminum and are well made. The Smooth Trigger feels nice and the crossbow shoots great. It shot accurately enough but when I used a rope cocker (there’s a groove in the stock to help with rope cocking) it was completely dead on. From my first session with this crossbow, I was really happy with the results I got.

Would I Recommend This Crossbow?

I’m really happy with this crossbow, so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a recurve crossbow for both target practice and shooting smaller game. Because of the speed, this crossbow isn’t really suitable for shooting larger animals but for deer, it’s perfect. If you’re new to using a recurve crossbow, this would be a great one to try out for the first time, as it’s completely possible to cock it without a device, unlike some recurve crossbows with heavier draw weights. You’ll be won over by it’s nice look, lightweight and compact design and the smooth trigger that makes it a blast to shoot. Plus, if you’re completely new to crossbows, it features everything you need to get you started like premium arrows and a red-dot scope. Even for seasoned hunters though, this is still a nice option for some light hunting or shooting targets. Barnett always makes quality crossbows and the Recruit Recurve is no different.


  • The adjustable stock is a really nice feature that makes this crossbow accessible to everyone, regardless of it’s small size. Even if you’re over 6ft tall, you can extend to the maximum length and enjoy the benefits of using such a compact crossbow.
  • The Recruit Recurve has a large open thumb hole that makes it easy to shoot with this crossbow, even when you’re wearing bulky hunting gloves. This is something you don’t necessarily think about until you have it and realize how much more comfortable it makes it to shoot with.
  • Because of the relatively low draw weight, this is a good recurve crossbow to start with if you’ve never used one before. You can still cock it even without a cocking device, so it’s more accessible than some other recurve crossbows.


  • Despite still being easy to draw for a recurve crossbow, total beginners still may need a cocking device, which is not included and will have to be bought separately. However, recurve crossbows are always more difficult than compound ones, so it is to be expected.
  • With a speed of 245 feet per second, this crossbow isn’t suitable for more serious hunting or shooting larger animals, as it can’t guarantee a clean kill. However, the speed does make it ideal for hunting smaller animals such as deer.
  • The 3-dot red-dot scope included can be a little tricky to sight in but a little adjusting will sort it out. You can also easily swap the scope out for a different one if you feel it necessary.

Final Verdict

This is an excellent new addition to Barnett’s huge collection of crossbows. The Recruit Recurve is a lightweight and easy to use recurve crossbow that would be a fantastic first recurve crossbow for beginners but can still be happily enjoyed by seasoned hunters. Great for shooting smaller game, this isn’t a crossbow that will need to be hung on your wall until hunting season either, but one that can be enjoyed for simple target practice as well. Sturdy and well built, the trigger is smooth to use and allows for wearing thick hunting gloves. An excellent addition to any avid archer’s collection or as the first crossbow for those starting out.